Sunday, March 25, 2007

My new bougainville

The plant has been in a pot for many years before I took it out for my project. I am afraid this will take a lot of TLC - I did not remove the leaves using scissors. Until now, there is no buds at the tip of the branch. It will be a great pity because just look at the root.

A new plant

The plant has been around in the same pot for ages. Recently, took it out and put it in the bonsai plant. I have removed all the big leaves to ensure the repotting is successful.

This is the foliage now. Hopefully within a few weeks, more leaves will be flourishing the tree. You can see now, many young buds.

Bougainville No.1

This plant is one of my earliest attempt. It has been repotted in the same pot. Later once I found the right pot, I will replant.

And just look at the root of the plant.

And also the foliage.

My new blog

This blog is purely for keeping track of all my bonsais. It will be filled with photos. Due to the sllooooww growth of the plant, it will be a long time before I can update the blog. But keep on checking - at least once a month. That should be long enough, I hope.

Enjoy it!!